3D Printer

The 3D printers that we have in the Deason Innovation Gym are great tools, and can be used for realizing parts that were designed in 3D computer modeling software such as Solidworks, Inventor, or even Sketch-up. It is a very fast and cheap way to be able to analyze your part for potential weaknesses, and test it to make sure that it will serve whatever purpose it was designed for (before sending it off to a machine shop- which makes mistakes costly). This specific page is for the two Polyprinter machines that are located in the gym.

Training required

The 3D printer requires training before use! In order to complete your training, please watch the following video, and then seek out the Innovation Gym Director or Lab Assistants to be signed off.



We require that all students use the filament brand Octave. Once trained on the equipment, in order to use the 3D printer, each student must purchase a roll of filament. If using the printer for a class, there will be a designated roll of filament for that use.

All filament used on the printer must be Octave ABS filament.


To use the printer, you must either obtain an STL file from a repository such as Thingiverse, or design an STL file in Solidworks or another CAD program. The software required to use the printer, Kisslicer and Solidworks, are covered in the video above.

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