Upcoming Events

TEDxSMU – Every Tuesday @12:30pm -1:30PM
Watch a TED talk with a group and discuss (open to outside of SMU)

Innovation GYM Kickoff
Friday 8/30/2013 @ 11am- 1pm
See the GYM, Meet some people, Eat free Pizza

Innovator Hours – Every Friday @ 12:00-2:00PM
Share ideas with others, get help on projects, Brainstorm and hang out

The20over20.com Hackathon (win $10,000)
September 18-21st
Limted to 4 Students. Apply by September 6th to Greg

September TBD
Program to help develop your ideas for a chance to win $$$

Fall Break Immersive Design Experience
October 11- 13. Build the world’s Tallest Toy
Signup Required. Email Greg for details. Limited to 20 students

You can view our complete Calendar Here www.smugym.com/calendar

Welcome back!

A huge welcome back to all SMU students. We have a big year ahead of ourselves here in the GYM, filled with some amazing new programs and opportunities for you to get involved. Make sure to come down to the gym and to signup for our email list so you can stay up to date.

Signup here: http://smugym.com/?page_id=73

Have a great semester.

Day 8

We are just closing day 8 of 10 and there have been many challenges that the team has been working through but we are on the verge of completion of this IDE. We will be presenting our results on Wednesday and will post the full report here. Until then check out some of the photos from our journey so far.

[embpicasa id=”5882825589235625057″]

Congratulations class of 2013

We will miss you down in the GYM but we know that where ever your journey takes you next you will do amazing things….just wait a while to prank your boss. He or She might not be as forgiving at the Dean was.


Starting Monday May 20th, 2013 we will be running one of our famous 10 Day Immersive Design Experiences in conjunction with BCWorkshop. Be sure to check back because we will be posting running updates on our progress.

SMU Lyle School of Engineering innovative learning

DALLAS (SMU) – The Innovation Gym in SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering was buzzing and clanking on a recent morning as students tested robots they built for a specific task – collecting and remediating water samples, as Lyle faculty and students have been doing by hand in refugee camps in Africa and Bangladesh.

The strong work dynamic that emerged among members of the first-year design class and their embrace of the inter-disciplinary team approach used to teach it has drawn the attention of the Center For Creative Leadership, which will send a team of researchers to SMU Lyle in fall 2013 to study the student techniques. What the team gleans from observing the SMU course could foster new tools and processes that can benefit organizations and educational institutions around the country.

Read More at http://www.smu.edu/News/2013/engineering-innovation-gym-20march2013

First Year Design Robotics

First year engineering students in SMU’s Lyle School worked in multi-disiplinary teams during their fall 2012 design class to build robots capable of duplicating the water testing and remediation work Lyle faculty and students are doing in United Nations refugee camps. “When it actually works, it’s amazing!” said Lyle student Jordan Kayse. This video captures all the energy of “demo day” in SMU Lyle’s Innovation Gym.